A European airline goes bankrupt and cancels all its flights

An airline in Europe has gone bankrupt and confirmed that all flights have now been cancelled.

This comes just days after Flybe went bankrupt.


Norwegian airline Flyr canceled all flights after being ‘unable to raise funds to continue operating’1 credit

Last week thousands of passengers were left stranded after UK airline Flybe shut down, ceasing all flights.

Norwegian airline Flyr has since said it has been unable to raise funds to continue the startup and will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

In a statement on their website, they said: “Flyr was not successful with the new financial plan and the board concluded on Tuesday evening that there was no alternative for continued operations. .

“The company will file for bankruptcy on Wednesday morning. Flyr has now ceased operations and all flights are canceled and will not be rescheduled.”

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More than 400 employees will lose their jobs as a result of the bankruptcy, Flyr founder and chairman of the board, Erik Braathen, told Norwegian daily Dagbladet.

In November, Flyr said fundraising was vital for the company to survive the winter season and prepare for a ramp-up in spring and summer 2023, but it was only able to raise ‘about half the cash needed at the time.

The company said it had tried in recent days to secure 330m Norwegian kroner (£26m) in funding, but the effort failed.

Concerned passengers commented on their Facebook page – one person wrote: ‘Many of us have bought tickets and want INFORMATION on what will happen with the flights in the next few days.

Another said: ‘When you advertise flights until Easter…and you’re on the verge of bankruptcy.’

The low-cost airline launched in June 2021, with flights across Europe including Spain, Italy and France.

Carrying around 1.6 million passengers last year, the airline planned to launch flights to and from the UK.

Flights between Oslo and Edinburgh were launched last February but were later scrapped.

Flights from New Gatwick were due to start in March 2023.

Norway currently has its national carrier Norwegian Air and its low-cost carrier Norse Atlantic Airways, launched in 2021, operating flights.

Norwegian was forced to scrap its US flights in 2021, which once offered great fares between the UK and New York.

And last year Norse Atlantic launched cheap flights from London Gatwick to New York.

Norwegian airline launched in 2021


Norwegian airline launched in 2021Credit: AFP

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