City Hopping across Italy just got easier

Europe has always been pretty good at rail, but why not go for the excellent? Apparently that’s happening, both with a service that’s already launched and exciting new plans. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel from Paris to Milan via Venice on a special night train? And it’s far from the only one.

A new “high-speed” service has just been launched between Rome and Milan, making it easier than ever to travel between two favorite destinations for travellers. And yes, now is the perfect time to learn how to “open your jaw” on your next trip.

Duomo at sunrise, Milan, Europe.

High-speed train New Milan – Rome

Trenitalia now operates a high-speed service between Milan and Rome, with a journey time of just 2 hours and 45 minutes. Frecciarossa trains have already been launched between Rome’s Tiburtina and Milan’s Rogoredo stations.

These new, faster rains now leave Rome as early as 5:30 a.m. arriving in Milan at 8:15 a.m., with plenty of time for a standing coffee before work or pleasure. And for anyone wanting to enjoy a full day in Milan before heading to Rome, the high-speed service now runs until 8.44pm from Milan, arriving in Rome around 11.30pm.

These new high-speed services complement an already stunning range of easy rail connections across Italy, including a GSTP favourite, the Venice-Florence-Rome-Naples train service, offering the perfect taste of Italy.

More European services on the way

The European Union is focused on improving rail connections between countries and a shortlist has now emerged.

The new services will include a Lisbon – Madrid service, a Barcelona – Amsterdam night service, a Rome-Munich-Milan train and a Paris-Milan-Venice train, among others. The European Commission will be responsible for the rapid launch of the service.

Open your jaws your flights to European delights

An open jaw can be very simple. It’s the concept of flying into one city and flying out of another. All you have to do is find alternate transportation or a separate flight to connect the dots.

Given the exciting launch of a new high-speed service between Rome and Milan, this is a perfect example. Wherever you are based, you can look for multi-city flights rather than roundtrip.

Let’s say you are departing from New York, you would be looking from New York to Rome and the return from the “multi-city” trip would be from Milan. You would fly from New York to Rome, enjoy the city and take the train to Milan. And rather than having to go back to Rome, you would simply depart from Milan. Pretty easy, right?

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