Cruise Liner Explains Why a Drinks Package on Cruise Vacation ‘Ain’t Worth It’ | Cruise | Journey

The price of a beverage package varies by cruise line and can be purchased when booking. Cruise passengers can also book the drinks package for a later date if they wish.

However, several passengers explained the reasons why they think the drinks packages are not worth the extra money.

One guest said on Reddit: “Unless you don’t drink badly on a normal holiday week, it might not be worth it.

“But there are some exceptions to that. If you drink a lot of espresso drinks, a lot of bottled water, or want freshly squeezed juice, that could also be included in the package.

Often non-alcoholic beverages are also available on a beverage package, which can be worth it for passengers who don’t just want to drink tap water.

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Customers can check the ship’s menus and try to figure out how much they could spend to see if they need the drinks package.

The guest added, “My wife and I didn’t get the drinks package but did bring a bottle of wine.”

Many cruise lines allow passengers to bring a small amount of alcohol on the cruise to enjoy in their own cabin.

If guests bring more than the minimum amount, it will be confiscated at check-in and returned at the end of the cruise.


The guest added: ‘If you book the drinks package now and see a cheaper price, you can cancel the package and then rebook at a lower price without penalty.

“It may take a while for the initial purchase to be refunded to your credit card.”

Customers can also seek advice from their travel agent, as they may be able to monitor prices if the package becomes cheaper.

Another guest said he didn’t approve of drink packages because he thought passengers got too drunk using them.

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The guest said: “They encourage excessive drinking. On a cruise, a very drunk bride actually flirted her toes with me in the hot tub with her husband sitting there.

“Flowing and slamming beers. Bad look. Later, it looked like they were fighting. Not to mention the excessive calories.

“Desserts are bad enough without six or more glasses a day. The economy is such that it is cheaper to order a bottle of wine at dinner and the occasional cocktail.

Passengers could be drunker than normal if they enjoy unlimited drinks with an alcohol package.

It’s a good idea to skip the hot tub if you’ve been drinking a lot, as the hot water can dehydrate people.

People will also need to watch their alcohol consumption while on a cruise due to the risk of falling overboard.

Although a very rare occurrence, there have been incidents where guests have been injured or killed falling from a cruise ship.

Although this can happen for a variety of reasons, alcohol can cause passengers to lose their balance or bearings.

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