Daigo Umehara Shares The Street Fighter 6 Characters He’s Most Interested In, Along With Some Concerns

Instead of the usual 8 characters we normally see in Street Fighter 6, Capcom released match footage of the game’s latest inclusions last week, giving the community a better look at what it can actually do.

After seemingly watching the gameplay for himself, longtime pro BST | Daigo Umehara answered some questions from fans regarding his potential concerns about SF6 and the characters he’s most interested in playing.

Thanks to FGC Translated, we can get a fuller picture of what Daigo is thinking in those early days about how he might form and what he’s looking for in SF6.

Although Guile looks quite strong in the 2 betas, it’s not at all surprising to hear that he was planning to play his main Street Fighter 5 in the new game as well, although Umehara admits he unclear if he will end up staying primarily with the Sonic. Pole thrower or keep it as a sub-choice.

This storyline does not apply to the new and improved Dee Jay, however.

“I’m not interested in Dee Jay at all,” Daigo said via FGC Translated. “I felt like I could play Guile instead. Although it’s still too early to tell. I just saw them play a bit.”

His cat would ask several questions about the contestant’s thoughts on playing Ryu in SF6, and while Daigo seems open to returning to a Shoto, he doesn’t seem entirely keen on the idea.

“Whether [Ryu’s] well and I’m playing it, I’m just going to do something I’ve done before,” Umehara said. “Maybe I could start winning early, but it’s not hard.

As for newcomers, Daigo says he’s interested in trying out Jamie, but has some concerns about this type of character needing time to power up, maybe not being as strong during of the first release of SF6.

Same goes for JP.

“You know I love those tricky projectiles,” Daigo said. “I don’t play these characters in Street Fighter 5 because they’re weak.”

We highly recommend watching FGC Translated’s video below to hear his full thoughts on SF6 characters and how he thinks some will likely benefit from the universal mechanic more than others.

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