Final Fantasy VII’s anniversary brings a bunch of announcements

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Final Fantasy VII first released in Japan 26 years ago today, January 31, 1997. And in case you haven’t been scrolling Twitter all day, Square Enix has announced an assortment of things to mark the occasion . Square E’s ads range from neat to niche in terms of the freshness factor; here are all the ones worth mentioning.

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Final Fantasy VII Day

Arguably today’s biggest announcement was… well, today. Specifically, Japan has officially recognized this year’s anniversary as Final Fantasy VII Day.

“I remember being overwhelmed by the dizzying speed with which video game technology was advancing, but also dreaming of big things for the future,” Game Director Yoshinori Kitasi wrote in a statement. . “With the establishment of this official birthday, I will always remember these things and hold them dear to my heart.”

Whether you can get away with it or not call to work celebrating this most sacred occasion is between you and your employers.

Cloud and Sephiroth playlists

Moving on, if you’re a fan of curated playlists for your favorite anime husbands, Square Enix has you covered with theirs. Spotify Playlists for Cloud and Sephiroth. Before you get too excited, the songs in these playlists won’t have cheeky Pinterest-esque mood board music that matches their personalities. They’re mostly made up of their respective themes from the game’s soundtrack. Either way, Cloud and Sephiroth’s playlists are a good baseline you can add bops to to create your own hairy mixtape. feathers.

Pressure washing simulator crossing

The most bizarre announcement to come out of Square E’s shotgun spread approach to celebrating its poster child’s birthday was the news of an upcoming crossover between Final Fantasy VII and the surprisingly delicious and satisfying Pressure washing simulator. The collaboration, dubbed the Midgar Special Pack, will allow players to clean grime from sectors of Final Fantasy VII. FFVII won’t be the only Square Enix game to feature in a High pressure washing expansion, however. The FuturLab developers have also released a tomb Raider pack in which players are tasked with clearing Croft Manor until it is shiny and new.

Lego Collaborative

Square E’s latest cool ad has an audience participation angle. FFVII is going to have a Lego collaboration, and fans can vote for which iconic scene is immortalized in the Wounded Blocks. The four options people can choose from are Cloud and Tifa sitting on the water tower in Nibelheim, Aerith’s house, the church in the Sector 5 slums, and Cloud’s Iconic Honey Bee Dance Stage. Fans can vote for the stage they want to build from Legos here. Do the right thing and vote for the Honey Bee Inn. Aerith would thank you.

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When are these new games coming out?

In terms of Final Fantasy games on the horizon, game of thrones-esque Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on PlayStation 5 and PC on June 23. The next episode of FFVII redo the saga, Final Fantasy VII Revivalwill be released this winter on PlayStation 5.

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