Forget the new MacBook Pro, Apple has something much better

The MacBook Pro is the flagship laptop in Apple’s macOS lineup. In recent years, 14-inch and 16-inch models have pushed the limits of what these laptops can do, but only a handful of professionals need that much power when hitting the coffee shop. For everyone else, the MacBook Air has always performed well.

Over the next few months, the MacBook Air will push the MacBook Pro further to the sidelines with consumer offerings that will meet the challenge of everyday life while maintaining performance to enjoy on your latte.

Tim Cook’s decision to finally release a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen – the first to do so in the MacBook Air’s fifteen-year history – will make headlines. The bigger screen is something many Air fans have been looking forward to, but it might not be the only upgrade to get big. Apple will also go ahead and offer the new design with the latest Apple Silicon technology.

The third-generation chipset is expected to debut at this year’s WWDC with the supposedly named M3, the 15-inch MacBook Air will likely debut with this all-new chipset. At the consumer level, Apple Silicon offers more power and flexibility than Intel MacBook laptops have ever achieved. The M1 laptops reset expectations and the M2 added 20% more performance.

It’s likely that the M3 chipsets will deliver another breakthrough, at which point the potential for consumers to exceed the power of even the entry-level M3 is drastically reduced. While professionals will appreciate the M2 Pro and M2 Max specs (and look forward to the benchmarks the M3 Pro and M3 Max might offer), even the ‘prosumer’ MacBook user will find it hard to push the limits of a MacBook. Air M3.

Once you’ve outgrown the need for a workstation-class macOS laptop, Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air laptops should deliver everything you need and then some more. The only thing missing from this package is an Air with a bigger screen.

Tim Cook and his team will be delivering exactly that in the coming months.

Forget the MacBook Pro, because the MacBook Air will meet the challenges of your own life.

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