Fortnite patch v23.30: what to expect

Downtime for the third major Chapter 4 update has been announced for January 31, 2023. Here’s an overview of the patch notes for v23.30.

Return of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball will return to Fortnite with the v23.30 update. A second wave of Item Shop cosmetics will be released once the server downtime ends and the Kamehameha Mythic should also be unvaulted.

New Reality Augmentations

The following real estate improvements are confirmed with the v23.30 update:

  • Harvester – Shield Mushrooms, Apples and Pomegranates fall from the bushes.
  • Shadow Striker – Receive the Shadow Bomb effect once you hit an enemy player.
  • Icy Slide – Get icy feet when sliding.
  • Riftjector Seat – Rift instantly when your shield breaks.
  • Deft Hands – Automatically reloads pistols in your inventory.

Unvaulted Weapon

It’s likely that Fortnite’s v23.30 update will follow the pattern of recent patches and remove a random weapon. There are currently no clues as to what weapon this might be, but recently the Burst Assault Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher have all returned.

Bug fixes

The following bugs are confirmed to be fixed in tomorrow’s patch, according to the official Fortnite Trello page.

General questions

  • Players cannot claim the Exile variant of the Mind’s Eye Back Bling
  • Physics on Joni the Red’s coat no longer works
  • Battle Hound and Molten Battle Hound helmets are visually incorrect
  • Bonus rewards cannot be unlocked due to “Prerequisite not met” error
  • Sparkle Specialist Outfit is non-reflective and shiny

battle royale

  • Players take fall damage when sliding with the Shockwave Hammer
  • Players Cannot Emote After Victory Royale Screen Appears
  • Missing red dot when aiming with the Red-Eyes Assault Rifle
  • “Party Time” boost is disabled
  • Aerolist Augment Disabled


  • Fauna take fall damage when fall damage is set to “off”
  • Placing a prop and switching to your pickaxe at the same time places an invisible prop
  • Players can build Mutator Zone devices with “allow building” set to “no” in some cases
  • Props attached to prop manipulator devices may show up in-game despite the device being disabled
  • Props can turn green on selection after placing them under the terrain
  • Sequencers don’t always play correctly when set to infinite loop
  • When entering the menu, navigating the menu with a controller will return the cursor to the top of the menu
  • Tiles can become invisible in color change game mode
  • Backup device can reset player scores and other stats

Save the world

  • Issue preventing terrain from working as intended in the Fall Foothills biome

Mobile and cloud games

  • Battle Pass confirmation sound sometimes plays on any initial button press with touch
  • The Falcon Scout continues to ascend or descend without user intervention

As always, we’ll share the official patch notes once they go live after the update.

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