German woman kills ‘Instagram lookalike’ to fake her own death

A police spokesman said the murder was committed for “vile motives”.

A 23-year-old German woman has been accused of searching for a look-alike of herself on social media and killing her in an effort to fake her own death, Telegraph reported. The brutal and bizarre case has been dubbed “the look-alike murder”.

Police identified the German as Shahraban K, 24, of Munich, who created a fake Instagram account and tried to contact women who looked like him. After exploring numerous profiles, she found a cosmetics blogger, Algerian citizen Khadidja O, 23, who lived about 100 kilometers away, police said.

Both women had long black hair and similar skin tones.

According to the police, Shahraban K and her boyfriend named Sheqir K, 24, reached out to Khadidja and offered beauty products and went to pick her up.

On their way back, they stopped in a forest and stabbed the victim more than 50 times, police said.

Shahraban K had told her husband that she was going to meet her ex-husband.

When Shahraban did not return, her parents picked her up from Ingolstadt and found her Mercedes near the Danube.

In the back seat of the car, the body of a brutally murdered young dark-haired woman was found and they believed it to be their daughter, the Telegraph reported.

According to the police, several knives were found nearby and the car was discovered not far from the apartment of Sheqir K.

After doing an autopsy and DNA tests, it was discovered that the body was in fact that of Khadidja O.

Shahraban K and Sheqir K were subsequently arrested.

The police were baffled by the resemblance between the owner of the car and the dead.

Ingolstadt prosecutor Veronika Grieser told Bild newspaper: “It has been confirmed that the defendant contacted several women via Instagram before the act who appeared to resemble him.

“It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to hide, due to internal conflicts with her family, and fake her own death.”

A police spokesman said the murder was committed for “vile motives”.

The spokesperson said: “During the return journey, the victim was lured out of the vehicle as planned under some pretense and killed in a wooded area with a large number of stab wounds to the body.

“The defendants then continued their journey to Ingolstadt, where the body was found on the evening of August 16. He was found lying in the vehicle.”

Another police spokesperson told Bild: “The murder weapon has still not been found but the burden of proof is overwhelming.

“The victim was killed with more than 50 stab wounds and his face was badly injured. It was brutal in the extreme.

“It was an extraordinary case which required all the skills of the investigators. We do not have a case like this every day, especially with such a spectacular twist. The day we found the body, we did not expect not for him to evolve like that.” .”

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