Get the cheapest gaming PC ever with this F1 simulation rig

Have you ever seen something that clearly indicates that anyone buying it has too much money? The kind of purchase that makes no sense and seems to come with a plethora of problems that only the super rich could absolve. Something like buying a social media platform (opens in a new tab) because there are not enough people like you, or you buy one of these F1 Red Bull RB18 show car simulators without any unfathomable reason.

Formula 1 (opens in a new tab) proudly presents two new PC gaming racing simulator setups that no one should ever buy. These are huge pieces of kit based on the RB18 F1 model car which won 17 out of 22 races in 2022. The sims come in two variants, a base model called The Race Edition and an upgraded model called The Champions Edition which has a front fender assembly.

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