Google Fi apparently affected by T-Mobile data breach

T-Mobile was recently hit by another data breach, and it appears that Google Fi was impacted by this breach, as the carrier notified customers via email.

A message to Fi customers today warns that Google Fi’s “primary network provider” experienced “suspicious activity” that contained customer data for Google Fi. Given the timing and wording, this appears to be directly related to the T-Mobile data breach that was disclosed on January 19.

The email, shown in full below, notifies customers that a “limited amount of Google Fi customer data” has been exposed, including SIM card serial numbers, account status, mobile service plan information and when an account was activated. Google says the breach did not reveal any personal information such as customer names, dates of birth, email, social security or payment information, or any data from text messages. Telephone numbers have been included.

Google says no customer needs to take action following the breach, but recommends customers stay alert to potential phishing attacks.

Dear Google Fi customer,

We are informing you that Google Fi’s main network provider recently notified us of suspicious activity related to a third-party system containing a limited amount of Google Fi customer data.

No action is required on your part at this time.

This system is used for Google Fi customer support purposes and contains limited data, including your account activation date, data about your mobile service plan, SIM card serial number, and status. active or inactive account.

This makes not contain your name, date of birth, email address, payment card information, social security number or tax IDs, driver’s license or other form of government identification, or financial account information, passwords or PINs which you can use for Google Fi, or the content of any SMS or call.

Our Incident Response team has undertaken an investigation and determined that unauthorized access has occurred and has worked with our primary network provider to identify and implement measures to secure the data on this third-party system and notify all people potentially affected. There was no access to Google systems or any systems supervised by Google.

If you are an active Fi user, please note that your Google Fi service continues to operate as normal and has not been interrupted by this issue.

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