“It feels a bit weird to me”

A man asked the internet why so many women on dating apps include their Instagram handle in their bio.

The man took to Reddit’s ‘Dating Advice’ forum to ask if he should message these women on Instagram – and why women included their Instagram handle in their dating app profiles in the first place . (While he specifically asked about women, it’s not just women who do this.)

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“Women on Tinder, when your Insta is in your bio, do you want guys to message straight even if we don’t match?” asks the author. “[It] It feels a little weird to just DM a girl out of the blue because you saw her Insta on her Tinder bio before you even matched.

He goes on to ask why women would include their Instagram handle if they only wanted posts from matches, since everyone, including non-matches, can see this information.

“If you only wanted to message guys you matched with, why put [your handle] in your biography in the first place? ” he asks. “I guess girls do it because they don’t use Tinder often, but I don’t know.”

It’s the followers, say some Redditors

Readers overwhelmingly responded that they believe people who include their social IDs on dating apps are simply looking to increase their follower count.

“I think most people doing this just want more Instagram followers,” wrote one Redditor.

Other readers wrote that they were hesitant to message people on Instagram because they assumed they would be ignored.

“I think they won’t appreciate random posts from me, so I’m ignoring them,” wrote one Redditor.

Still other Redditors wrote that they included their grips to prove they weren’t “fishing the cat.”

“I already linked my IG just to show pics I don’t fish for anyone and my hobbies lol,” wrote one Redditor.

“I had linked it too, but that was so they had access to a few more photos and could understand me better,” another Redditor shared.

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