New OLED displays from ASUS, MSI and Acer will improve PC gaming in 2023

OLED display technology is pretty much the gold standard for high-end widescreen TVs, and it’s not hard to see why. Vibrant colors and perfect black levels thanks to millions of self-illuminating pixels. But, there’s also the added benefit of near-instantaneous GTG response times, which makes OLED quite tasty for PC gaming when it comes to latency.



2023 seems to be the year when PC gaming-focused OLED displays are designed specifically for desktop rigs. With impressive OLED gaming displays making their way to market over the past year, these new OLED displays from MSI, ASUS, and Acer look to redefine some of the most sought-after gaming monitors.

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First up, there’s the new MSI MEG 342C QD-OLED, a 21:9 curved ultrawide gaming monitor that offers both 3440 x 1440 resolution, 175Hz refresh rate, 0.1ms GTG response and 1800R curvature for total immersion. It features a new calibration and even a new MSI-exclusive QD Premium Color standard that will deliver 99.3% DCI-P3, 97.8% Adobe RGB, and 139.1% sRGB. The MEG series represents the top of the line, with the addition of a bright QD-OLED display that naturally matches the best of MSI display technology – and will launch with a price tag of around $800.

MSI also has the impressive upcoming MSI MEG 491C QD-OLED, teased last year, which has finally been revealed. Featuring a massive 5120×1440 resolution, 49-inch size and 240Hz refresh rate, this one was shown in prototype form at CES 2023. Which makes its release date and its price somewhat unknown.

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The 45-inch Acer Predator X45

The Acer Predator line has been creating awesome gaming displays for a while now, and it’s getting a few OLED models as well. The 45-inch Predator X45 sports a 3440×1440 resolution and a massive 800R curve. The panel supports HDR10 and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits, which will make it bright enough to play with HDR enabled. A monster for sure, but there’s also the Predator X27U which is a 27-inch 1440p OLED display with a 240Hz refresh rate, achieving both perfect size and performance for modern desktop rigs. running high-end graphics cards. Both Acer Predator displays offer AMD FreeSync Premium support, a handy KVM switch, and even USB hub functionality.

That brings us to ASUS and the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM, the company’s first 27-inch 1440p OLED display. It also features an impressive 240Hz refresh rate, 1,000 nits peak brightness for HDR, and 0.03ms response time. Which might as well be instantaneous. Along with the sleek and robust ROG physical design, ASUS boasts supreme color accuracy and new support for adjusting settings with your mouse instead of fiddling with buttons and dials. A small thing, but very welcome.

Much like OLED becoming a mainstay for PC gaming displays.

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