We booked a 1 bedroom villa at Disney World for $900 + photos

My family stayed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.
Jill Robbins

  • My family of four stayed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge using our Disney Vacation Club points.
  • It’s in a prime location, close to Magic Kingdom, and I love that it feels like a mountain lodge.
  • My family loves this property, but if we weren’t using DVC points, I doubt we would pay the high rates.

My family stayed at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge using our Disney Vacation Club points.

Wilderness Lodge offers rooms, suites, villas and cabins.
Jill Robbins

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, located in the Magic Kingdom area, offers rooms and suites in the main lodge as well as additional villas and cabins. It’s often confused with Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, which can get confusing, but it’s not the same thing.

We have been Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members since 2018, which means we pay a monthly fee to be part of a timeshare at Disney World. As members, we are able to redeem points at property resorts throughout the year.

DVC members also enjoy priority booking for one-, two-, and three-bedroom luxury villas. But anyone can reserve them when they are available.

We grabbed a one bedroom villa at Wilderness Lodge on a recent trip to Disney World.

It is in a great location if you plan to visit the parks.

Wilderness Lodge is located near Magic Kingdom.
Jill Robbins

Although Wilderness Lodge is not located on the monorail route, free buses run to all four theme parks and Disney Springs. There is also a boat service that goes directly to Magic Kingdom.

Although there are technically no resort-to-resort buses at Disney World, it is also easy to get to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Buses from Disney Springs and some of the resort buses to the Wilderness Lodge park stop at the Contemporary en route. Drivers usually announce where the bus will stop – if not, just ask.

Once you’re at the Contemporary, there’s a walking path to Magic Kingdom, and the park is only about a 10-15 minute walk. You can also jump on the Contemporary monorail and explore the other stations along the route (Grand Floridien and PolynĂ©sien).

I love the mountain chalet atmosphere of the resort.

There are fireplaces and comfy chairs in the lobby.
Jill Robbins

The lobby looks like a huge log cabin, and it’s easy to imagine yourself in a mountain lodge. If you’ve ever been to Animal Kingdom Lodge, the architecture is very similar, but with a totally different theme.

The architecture, decoration and furnishings are very rustic. There are cozy fireplaces, plenty of seating options, and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a man-made waterfall.

The lobby also showcases ingenious works of art and artifacts.

The theming of the resort continues throughout the grounds.

Cabins have more bedrooms and a private hot tub.
Jill Robbins

The rustic mountain lodge vibe continues outside, with pine-lined paths that wind around cozy cabins.

Small touches, like animal tracks in the concrete, bring the theme together.

There are details of the wilderness around the resort.
Jill Robbins

Faux animal tracks adorn the concrete, which really makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nature.

There is even an artificial geyser on site.

Parts of the resort look like a national park.
Jill Robbins

The geyser blows steam and water periodically.

Our one bedroom villa was spacious.

The villa had one bedroom with a king-size bed.
Jill Robbins

Our villa had one bedroom with a king size bed in addition to a bathroom, living room and kitchen.

I love that the luxury resort villas have more homey amenities than regular hotel rooms, like full kitchens and washers and dryers.

Access to washer and dryer helped us pack light.

There is a stackable washer/dryer in the villa.
Jill Robbins

I liked being able to wash our clothes in the villa while we were there.

We used the kitchen and the living room.

My kids could hang out in the living room.
Jill Robbins

The kitchen is ideal for quick breakfasts or lunches on non-park days.

I also liked having a door between the bedroom and the living room, so I could have some space away from my kids.

There were plenty of outlets to charge our devices.

There were about 16 outlets in the villa.
Jill Robbins

One of the things I liked the most about this room is the number of electrical outlets and charging ports – I counted 16 of them.

But I’m not the biggest fan of the bathroom setup in the villa.

The bathroom juts out into the bedroom.
Jill Robbins

The bathroom design has improved since we stayed here in 2018 – back then there was clear glass between the bathroom and the bedroom. You could see the jetted tub from the bed, which I didn’t like.

Now there is at least some more opaque artwork on the wall above the tub, but it’s still not my favorite design feature.

The bathroom configuration also affects the light in the bedroom.

It’s hard to turn on the bathroom light at night without waking people up.
Jill Robbins

There is no longer a transparent window between the bathroom and the bedroom. But if you turn on the bathroom light at night, you’ll likely wake up whoever is sleeping in the bedroom because the light shines through the glass artwork.

Some of the features in the room were also difficult to use.

I loved the rustic headboard, but couldn’t reach the light switch.
Jill Robbins

There were nice lamps set up on the headboard, but they were too high to turn off without getting up.

We had two small balconies – one over the living room and one over the bedroom.

It was nice to have an outdoor space, but the four of us couldn’t hang out on a balcony.
Jill Robbins

Each balcony had two chairs, but they were separated by a wall at shoulder height.

If we all wanted to go outside, we would have had to split up and we wouldn’t have been able to see each other clearly.

There are two swimming pools at the resort.

The Copper Creek Springs pool is located just off the main lobby.
Jill Robbins

Copper Creek Springs is the main pool near the lobby, but there’s also the Boulder Ridge Cove pool farther on the property.

I really loved the restaurants on site.

Artist’s Point offers character dining with Snow White.
Jill Robbins

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has two sit-down restaurants: Artist’s Point and Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Artist’s Point offers Story Book Dining, a “Snow White” themed character experience. It looks cute, but I can’t say I really get how it matches the rest of the station’s theme.

Whispering Canyon Cafe is another immersive dining experience.

Whispering Canyon is a great place to eat if you’re looking for a laugh.
Jill Robbins

Whispering Canyon Cafe is a fun western-themed restaurant that serves breakfast, brunch, and dinner.

Its waiters are known for pulling antics and luring guests into their shenanigans, which is a lot of fun.

There are also places for a quick bite.

Roaring Fork is good for meals on the go.
Jill Robbins

Roaring Fork and Geyser Point Bar & Grill are the resort’s quick-service options, offering a la carte and takeout selections.

I like the onsite bar, Territory Lounge.

Territory Lounge also serves appetizers, like bacon on a wire.
Jill Robbins

Territory Lounge is one of my favorite places on the property. It is worth taking the time to go there for a drink or an aperitif.

You can watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the back of the resort.

Stations back up to Bay Lake.
Jill Robbins

You can’t see the castle from the resort, but you can see the fireworks over Bay Lake. The music is even played.

Guests of the Wilderness Lodge can also view the nighttime electric water show, which features several light floats crossing the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.

Even with all the amenities, it’s quite pricey for a hotel stay.

Wilderness Lodge is a luxury resort.
Jill Robbins

If we had paid cash, our one bedroom villa would have been around $900 a night. If you can nab one during Thanksgiving or Christmas week (when prices tend to spike at Disney World), it costs closer to $1,200 a night.

By comparison, a standard room with two queen beds at the resort typically costs around $490 a night.

The resort’s most expensive accommodations, villas and two-bedroom cabins, typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000 a night. But they sleep more people and could potentially be separated with another family.

We liked Wilderness Lodge overall, but wouldn’t stay there without our DVC points.

We enjoyed our stay at the Wilderness Lodge.
Jill Robbins

I love the resort theme and think it has some nice amenities. But the $900-a-night rate doesn’t include park tickets, food, or the other small expenses that add up at Disney World.

If we weren’t using our DVC points to pay for our stay, I probably wouldn’t be booking a villa at the Wilderness Lodge.

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